Despite my mother’s fine raising, I have a poor history of picking up after myself. Whether it is a wayward sock or what would otherwise be a cohesive thought, my things have a tendency to be scattered. My creative work has seldom been any exception.

Over my life I have created and collected a pretty decent disarray of creative work. Poems, videos, speeches, far too many rants, drawings, photography, and accomplishments all lay helter-skelter across my space and the digital landscape. It feels appropriate, if not a little mandatory, that I document and curate these wisps of whimsy under one roof. If I have not actually achieved anything in producing my particular brand of nonsense, it may be a redeeming achievement to bring it all together.

The phrase “wordsmith” might best describe me in relation to how I create, but I find it limiting in explaining what I create and why. Many of my stories lie undone because as world builder I got lost in designing fictional cultures and languages. Several non-profits abandoned and stepped down from because of a hiatus to understand a particular type of policy. Video games left incomplete beside their overthought but unfinished magic systems. And so on.

Most of my finished work exists in essays and poems, but most of my creative activity is in thought experiments of universes that could or should be. For this reason I would like to think of myself as a “Worldsmith,” as self-aggrandizing as that sounds. This, I suppose, validates for me why I call myself a philosopher. My personal goal is to provoke critical thinking and agitate the complacency of familiarity. Often I fail, but every sometime or so I get it right.

If you would be so kind as to humor me, this is where I ask for your help. As an artist I’m a touch incomplete without an audience. I’ve shared quite a wide gamut of content from raps about Captain Planet to speeches on the ethics of technology, but have always compartmentalized it. Other works I’ve kept private. This collection is a buffet with a range of flavors.

I want to create a narrative from the disconnected and for that I would love your feedback. Please keep an open mind and a certain level of patience as I curate a line of work that was never meant to cohere. Please share your thoughts and responses with me. Please share what you enjoy with others. And please know how grateful I am that you share your time and attention with me as you digest this mental melange with me.

With much respect
Devon .M. Scott

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