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Attentive Eyes

Attentive Eyes

Attentive eyes
I then defy
Intent to fight

It’s by design
Events divide
Illicit vice

Sent from beside
The centerline
Defense implies
Offense in sight

The rage inside
Instead of finding
Better signs

Think of the children
It’ll all illusion
You fantasize

Inventive minds
Affect the times
A message I
Just sent in rhyme

A cinder shines
An ember bright
No sin survives
Its amber light

Ascending fire
A single height
We are inspired
To reach for the sky

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Excuse Me, Can I Help You?

Response to a GIF prompt from Aneesa


Excuse me, can I help you?
Am I the card that life has dealt you?
If so you can shuffle again
There’s been enough of you men
And your solicitation
Sole recitations
Like your soul resonating to some
Pitch or some brand
I understand; you need to pay bills
But I’m a hard sell
And don’t have time to monkey around
With some junk you have found
Like some knives
Or a cause I, frankly,
Don’t have the bandwidth to help a hand with
So you might as well be a bandit
Cause you won’t get my cash willingly.

What’s that? Oh, silly me.
You’re not looking for money?
So tell me,
Which church are you pitching me?
Because if you’re wishing we can listen
To some scriptures and you’ll be switching me
To worship a difference scene, you best believe
You should just up leave, turn the ignition key
And pick a different street.

Oh, not that then?
What could you possibly be at my door knocking —
Wait, I know
I should have recognized you when we began talking
Normally I can tell you when you walk in
And I ought to have known then
Cause I’ve brought your ass home
More than enough times
I’ve grown to be cynical
And here you come to my doorstep
Though normally, you look like Pinnacle
Or a fight after I’ve been ridiculed
Or something I catch that’s clinical
Or a red flag that looks too good to say no to

So it’s clear I was having far too good a time
Minding my own damn business
With my shit together
Well, our get together has come to a close
So turn your hiney around and march off on the double
I don’t hate to burst your bubble
But I’m fine without you
Cause I know your face and

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Distraction is the Devil

Distraction is the Devil
Because the Devil’s in the details
Which details why we succeed or we fail.
When the details get too intricate it’s harder to be intimate
Defining what is finite while Divine is all that’s Infinite.
The great ones told disciples that what’s pleasant is the present
So distraction as an action holds us back from reaching Heaven.

And so distraction is the Tempter,
The empty promise of doors that we enter
Desire without design, it is why Caveat Emptor
It is that cavernous empty sensation, temptation
From the narrow path we barrel past when we become impatient.
It is unfortunate there is no shortcut to victorious,
Still we rush and hurry just to let distraction worry us.

Distraction is named Satan
The adversary, the enemy, the grandest antagonist
To all the universe, the world and all who inhabit it
It’s the reason for the Sabbath, for distraction turns your eyes
An aversion from your service, from your work, and from your lives
Distraction is a lie. It is the Maya of Siddhartha, the serpent in the Garden,
It darkness, it is evil, It is prison without pardon.

Distraction is a false shepherd
A demon leading stubborn asses to graze on greener grasses
Making sheep of masses with the least of actions.
A merchant peddling fool’s gold alchemized from fools’ goals
Traded for the currencies of time and what the truth holds.
Distraction is your lesser conscience making you less conscious
Pontius Pilate’s silence, a thief that takes your chances.