I’m Devon M Scott and am glad to make your acquaintance.

Please enjoy my art, writing, and ramblings. Thank you for your support.

Words & Writings

All Obstacles In My Way - At no point in my life have I had a healthy relationship with Shame. It is a force of nature, or maybe even an expanse of nature, such as a wood or a desert or an ocean that consumes all would be travelers within its relentless stomach. Often I have approached the edge of shame […]
Devotion - I bend my heart to you, oh belov’edand pledge my pulse to stir you  I bend my will to you oh believ’ed and in pledging you animate my form I resolve to exist in your name to act at your announcement For I have nothing but my devotionand it is my devotion I give in evidence of […]
Annihilation - I started recording my thoughts together, particularly here, with a two-fold purpose: stitch a semblance of a narrative together from my scattered thoughts, and to figure out what character I was in that narrative. The latter proved far more of a struggle, due largely to the baggage that comes with being a human in even the broadest sense.


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