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October 26 2015

This week’s goal is to become a more valuable person and to back it financially by making $1,000 dollars more by the week’s end. My first thought was to removed any obstacles that make this harder so I will start shedding weight by getting rid of things that siphon value away from me. My first choices were:

  • Selling my bank-owned car
  • Hiring out some daily maintenance tasks to save time
  • Getting rid of a single value stealing habit or activity

Guessing it will be easier to run with fewer shackles I then intend to do more valuable things. I chose to:

  • Complete instantly valuable projects in business
  • Identify one thing I already do that I can charge for
  • Create one habit that increases my value or worth each day

I’m logging my activities in a notebook to keep track of my progress and success, which is a habit I’ve had for a while now. Today I’m focusing on removing those value thieves. If that goes well I should be full speed ahead to being higher performance tomorrow.