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I long abandoned my bed and my bedding.

The soft and comforting surface

Designed to embrace my form

My firm yet yielding sleep nest

Where I should reap best wood saw Zs

Did not suffice my needs

I was left restless pressed against it

As if my head were set against the chest of

A lover I did not love

Like a mistress you never miss

Like a mate who doesn’t matter

A mismatch

I ran from my mattress

In my immaturity

Like a child fighting naps

Only to fall asleep in his mother’s arms

Yes, I have denied springs with no roses

Memory foam I’ve been too exhausted to recall

Because their support

Was insubstantial

So I sought substance

Sought the maternal bosom

Which can silence her cantankerous child

I find my slumber on the cold, hard ground.

Now I am no masochist

I found maternity in massive matter over mattresses

You might think this is madness

But imagine this

The ground is with me wherever I go

The ground lifts me up when I’m down

The ground witnessed my first steps

The ground will be the last loved one to hold me when I die

The ground looks enchanting when holding a bouquet of flowers

The ground isn’t ashamed to get dirty

The ground serves up enough food to feed families

The ground gives the best hugs

The ground will keep my secrets for years

The ground literally understands me

The ground is always there to catch me when I fall

The ground never thinks too highly of herself even when everything rests on her

I find my slumber on the warm, soft ground

Carried by humble, substantial strength

I rest my body into the earth

And though not the mother of my birth

She is who birthed me

Who birthed us

The first of a long line of matrons

Whose patience is as vast as a she is spacious

Pay your graces, and lay your faces low.

Bow in homage

Home is where the heart is and if your heart is honest

Rest into breast bone of she whose gravity is ever calling you back home

Settle in the soil like loose roots

Caress the carpet like two boots
Let your weight go

And close your eyes

And climb into my bed with me

Resting in nature’s nursery

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