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Prince of Lies

Response to a GIF prompt from Victoria


Blinded by your feelings
You may paint me a villain
Once I was your prince
But now Machiavellian
Caught with my hands stained in vermillion
My brilliance really is diminished by this silliness.
Didn’t you once tell me I was one in a million?
Now I’m just like the rest of them
Living as a testament that the best of men
Can be put to rest and sent to death and end.
Hold your breath and when you breathe again
Will you still be seething then?
Or will you lean to reasoning easily?
We were scarred by that evening
Leaving deepening wounds
Grieving like we’re keeping the memory
Of those sleeping in tombs
I may be leaping in soon
To follow under my buried reputation in your eyes
And in your heart.
Once I was your prince
But you led a rebellion
Now I’m dwelling in Hell again.