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A Sustainable Society

I believe in a sustainable society and a content, well taken care of citizenry.
I believe in abundance and fair distribution of resources based on the value of human life, not the value of the resources.
I believe in an informed and educated public.
I believe in dignity for all regardless of their social or financial class.
But none of that matters.

Belief is an antique of civilization.
An artifact of a time before my birth.
The question is, is this world possible?
I don’t know.
The question is, is this world viable?
I don’t know.
The question is, is this world deserved?
I don’t know.
But this world is the answer. An answer so loud that the questions hush at their punctuation.
We must act to make these things inevitable.
Because I neither need to know
Nor believe
To understand that a world that exploits man or nature with blind avarice is a world that is wrong.