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Plant Seeds

Plant seeds, all day, every day. Put something valuable into someone or something, nurture it, harvest it. Invest wisely! Don’t lay seeds on bare stone. Don’t neglect to water the sprouts. Plant seeds forever. Create a garden of life and you will know an existence in which man was never cast from Eden. Invest in your work. Invest in your friends. Invest in your family. Invest in yourself. Invest in yourself, damn it! Plant your value everywhere and even in your final days the reaper won’t be grim.

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Distraction is the Devil

Distraction is the Devil
Because the Devil’s in the details
Which details why we succeed or we fail.
When the details get too intricate it’s harder to be intimate
Defining what is finite while Divine is all that’s Infinite.
The great ones told disciples that what’s pleasant is the present
So distraction as an action holds us back from reaching Heaven.

And so distraction is the Tempter,
The empty promise of doors that we enter
Desire without design, it is why Caveat Emptor
It is that cavernous empty sensation, temptation
From the narrow path we barrel past when we become impatient.
It is unfortunate there is no shortcut to victorious,
Still we rush and hurry just to let distraction worry us.

Distraction is named Satan
The adversary, the enemy, the grandest antagonist
To all the universe, the world and all who inhabit it
It’s the reason for the Sabbath, for distraction turns your eyes
An aversion from your service, from your work, and from your lives
Distraction is a lie. It is the Maya of Siddhartha, the serpent in the Garden,
It darkness, it is evil, It is prison without pardon.

Distraction is a false shepherd
A demon leading stubborn asses to graze on greener grasses
Making sheep of masses with the least of actions.
A merchant peddling fool’s gold alchemized from fools’ goals
Traded for the currencies of time and what the truth holds.
Distraction is your lesser conscience making you less conscious
Pontius Pilate’s silence, a thief that takes your chances.

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Don’t spend money on anything that doesn’t make money.
Don’t spend time anything that doesn’t save you time.
Don’t give your all for people that don’t give their all for people.
Don’t eat food that won’t make you better.
Don’t read things that won’t make you smarter.
Don’t even move your body in ways that don’t help your body move better.
Invest in yourself every day.

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Why I Failed to Increase My Value

I spent a month on a simple experiment. Could I willfully increase my personal worth by earning $1,000 more every week. This was essentially an attempt to become more valuable. The results were, yes I could earn $1,000 more each week. However, I lost about $3,840 that month. Ouch?

After a month of hard work, sales, marketing, and planning, I was also under slept, unhappy, and facing a possible law suit. Long story. The point is that I had the concept of value all wrong. I was making more “revenue” without actually being valuable. The cost the Universe levies for such an imbalance is generally pound-for-pound debt, and that’s what I found.

Inversely, in the past week I’ve committed 60% of my time and work into the health and wellness industry pro bono. The result? An immediate increase in value. How much? Well, that’s just the thing. None of it has been money, but if measured out for business purposes it amounts to about $5,000 in usable opportunities this month alone, and an estimated $15,000 by the first quarter of next year. Not a bad return on investment for one week of making people’s lives better.

As I said, I had the concept of value all wrong. Trying to measure in money instead of meaning, I was collecting something that can be taken away, money, in lieu of something that by virtue of its quality isn’t so liquid a commodity, meaning. But let’s not get overly esoteric now, although I love being esoteric. I’m not saying to give all your time and money to every and any cause and charity and expect 5 figures for 40 hours of being a “nice guy.”

Meaning implies discernment, and value implies quality. It wasn’t simply a good deed, it was THE good deed I should have done, a special and almost transcendent kind of “good” that makes me more valuable by adding value to the world, not trying to take it from someone else because I won a capitalist competition. Not that I dislike capitalism (I intend to die an unapologetic plutocrat) but it’s a much better game when money is a measurement of the good you do at work, not simply how good you do at work.

If you take anything away from reading this I may hope that tomorrow you may all be several thousand dollars richer, not because you took something valuable out of the world, but because you put something valuable back in.

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What Gets Measured Get Changed, Getting the Most out of Yourself

I’d like to challenge you to make a weekly self assessment to make to see if you’re getting the most out of your day and your actions.
1) Create a goal
2) Record everything you do that week
3) Determine if it helped or harmed your goal
4) Add up each lost opportunity to get closer to your goal
5) Be honest!

Looking at it on paper will give perspective to how you actually use your time. Making small adjustments based on this will put you on track to making your time more valuable.