Daily Journal – Patterns and Predictability


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Why is it we fail so often to be intentional? What keeps us from consistently following through? For me, it was always a struggle to keep my commitments until I was 18 years old. My sister, fed up, gave me a pen and a notebook and said: “write down everything you say and do.” At first, nothing changed, except for the bulky paper rectangle in my pocket. Then I as I reviewed my notes, my downtime became a call to action. I could see my commitments and what I chose to do instead. It was so simple. Each time I meant to go left but went right, I could see that, and reflect on the decisions I made. So what’s the difference between failure and follow through? Patterns and Predictability! Only when you know your patterns and can predict your actions can you work to encourage the ones you want and block the ones you don’t. I still journal and have a yearly ritual of going through my notebooks at the end of each year to prepare me for the next. So many people have said they wanted to journal but never kept it up. I wondered why and realized that journaling does nothing for self-improvement without the review. So I developed this journal for myself, my friends, and everyone who wants to create the skill of tracking their days, weeks, and months and improving themselves with simple, actionable data. What makes this journal special? It simply tells you what to do. It asks you to write your priorities, your daily intention, what you did at noon. Finally, it asks you to reflect on your week with three short but powerful questions. If you’ve ever wanted to build the habit of journaling and the discipline of follow-through, get this book and open it up immediately. And remember: Your Spirit is Boundless!


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