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It’s 5 am. Sleep has eluded you, as has the next word you intended to type. The pillow calls but so does this thankless labor. Another sip of coffee maybe? Rum? Something to get the juices flowing.

This isn’t insomnia, it’s a chronic case of writer’s block, and it’s standing right between you and your next blog, post, page or article. And it simply will not budge.

How many times have you been here before? Often enough to know that in 10 minutes you’re going to give up and hammer out whatever text you can, all 110 words of it, and go to sleep defeated.

You’d try Fiverr, but just thinking about reviewing all of your options already makes you more tired. If only you knew someone who could write well and does so often. If only that person were available.

If only you were on their blog site RIGHT NOW!

But wait! Lo, it is so! A person with the capacity for words – written, witty, and well-chosen – is just a finger click away!

I have been writing opinion pieces, journalistic work, short stories, books, and technical documentation over my entire career, and I’m available to help you get out of the doldrums.

Hire me for a freelance writing gig. I honestly love doing this stuff.

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100 – 350 words, 350 – 750 words, 750 – 1000 words, 1000 -1500 words, 1500 – 2000 words, 2000 – 3000 words, 3000 – 5000 word chapter

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1 – 4 days, 4 – 7 days, 7- 10 days


Social Media, Blog, Article, Web Copy, Print Copy, Short Story, Book, Technical / Workbook


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