20″ x 24″ Personal Shrine Poster


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Are you trying to deeply engage your subconscious and emotional states into the work of your personal development? Often we fail to connect to our habits and our vision boards enough take sincere action towards manifesting the experiences we want. This tool helps you stop focusing on merely the things in the life you want and makes it personal by focusing on being the person that earns and deserves that life.

A personal shrine is like a vision board for your ideal identity. It’s based on the concept of a shrine, an ancient tool and visual you are prompted to return to regularly and feel an emotional drive to interact with so personal development becomes ritual instead of stale.  A vision board is essentially shrine that you give up on in the first week. It works by charging an emotional connection to engage the subconscious but also motivate real-world activity.

This personal shrine is composed much like a vision board but uses five pieces of imagery. They can be drawn, printed, or cut out from a magazine if necessary. The five images will each represent your

  1. self-image
  2. internal narrative
  3. experience of life
  4. behaviors
  5. and a representation of you Eidolon, or idealized self, in the center.

Product features:

  • 20″ x 24″
  • Printed on Breathing Color Photo paper
  • 300gsm weight
  • Glossy finish, coated smooth shiny surface
  • Printed by an 11 color Epson printer using Epson Ultrachrome HDX inks
  • Inks are museum quality and feature print permanence ratings of up to 200 years
  • Resistant to humidity, UV and atmospheric ozone

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