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I never seem to catch you at the right time
You’re the cup of coffee that I only sip when hot enough to burn my tongue
Or cold enough to put me off to the habit all together
Yet still I am an addict for the alertness you bring me each dawn
And despite that you are my morning ritual
You are also the cause of my headaches
My jitters
My bitter attraction

So what if your touch burns my lips
Or if I find you sour when cool
Let me have my drug by any means
Or dare abstain altogether

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Elegance comes at a price. It is the training of the being from a trauma that has been. The smoothest surfaces are friction conquests of sandpaper onslaughts. The much less graceful yet equally admirable effort of the sander.

It comes at a steep price. Steep as the majestic slopes of country mountains, risen from earth by fire and worn by water from air. All of the ancient elements are expended of centuries to produce the solemn silence of the hiker in its view.

The clinking of delicate porcelain cups sound like civilization to me. Beyond the whirring of machines and buzzing of electricity, tea sets offer a sense that we have dominion over the world and that society can work. Industrial engines command the planet’s surface. Computers eliminate the span of miles between cultures. Yet to slowly brew water and leaves, to look another in the eye as you sip staring over delicate porcelain edges, taking time for soft words all while aware that the universe is designed to destroy is. This is civilization. This is Elegance.

You brought the tray my way and invited me to sip and speak as your poured my share. Your motions were calculated years in advance. Eyes followed fingers, which moved as if they stroked a harp. Arms kept near as your waist turned to extend reach. Slowly, of course. I watched found the same mountain edges. From a distance I could traverse with a fore-finger you cast a shadow on the horizon. And I was a weary hiker in my most solemn moment.

What trade did you make to move as you did? And with whom did the transaction take place? How were you ever so wealthy as to afford being as elegant as you were the moments I fell in love?

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Touch your body to me

Touch your body to me
Let the space between us shrink
So I can crawl into it
Cloister myself from the bigness of the world
And join in flesh with another being
To frighten away the monsters
I’m afraid being a person is far too hard
So let me
For a while
Be two.
Let me borrow your soft mass and cloak myself in your senses
Existence is frightening
So help me disappear into blissful non-being
Dissolving into actions not my own
Behaviors we both intended
Let us become them
Until I can bear living again

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I perceive more miraculous anomalies in one nanometer of your anatomy than in the nativity.
Never have I felt an affinity so near infinity
My mind is a magazine, and you
An Emmy nominee
Nominally amazing
In every manner you can manage
I am a man enamored of your image
Even imagining your mammaries
Your beauty damning, demanding the greed of Mammon
It’s mildly maddening
Being mentally un-emancipated from the energy you emanate
Trapped in your very memory
Meaning with the best amenities
As an important emissary imprisoned with no indemnity.
Appoint me to serve you
Saying Namaste on my knees
I’d admonish your enemies and nemeses
Mend endemic emergencies.
Please allow me to meet with you intimately.

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Upon Meeting at the Edge of a Lake

Your breath told its tale
First, along your bare
Tremoring belly
Long before escaping across
To the shore of my shoulder.
It gave itself away to my palms
Through your pelvis
To gentle fingers
Finding seismic quivers.

Waist deep,
Wading in moments
Lower your head
Breathe deep
Dive in with me
I into you

Let your lungs betray you
Have them whisper to me
And I’ll return my own
Carrying one words in response


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Flickering in the corner of my eye
Sparks of red and waves of heat
Surrounded the vision of a dancing flame
Which warmed me to be near
Though who’s blaze
Behooved me to stay my distance
I could not touch for sake of it
Nor approach for her brightness
Yet in glancing I found her more-so lovely
As it seemed to fuel the pyre
Encouraging her vibrant glow
And enlivening her
With tumbling dark wisps above
I am allured by her
To receive baptismal benediction in fire
As she stirs my spirit
And engulf me with your tongue of flame
Smother away my breath
In your smoky plume
Envelop me within you
Let me learn your temperature
And as my body too ignites
I will then scorch you in kind

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    Sensual Meeting

    Response to a free-write prompt

    Her curves were perfect from spine to sphincter
    God made miracles each joint he linked her
    A tincture
    No strings attached
    Love potion number nine, brew another batch
    Bring it by the glass and by the bottle
    Mind the throttle, pull the lever
    Let’s endeavor to explore
    Behind closed doors
    What’s in store
    In this room in Ibiza
    This woman is a trip
    Have to go renew my visa
    She’s a pleaser
    So am I
    She invites me
    So I try my luck
    And gamble with the slot machine
    She tells me that it’s hot
    What a lovely scene