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It’s not a question of what’s natural or synthetic

It’s not a question of what’s natural or synthetic. It isn’t the matter of if DNA is an antenna to higher consciousness or a selfish gene that we serve blindly. Whether we change the globe or leave it as we found it is quite unimportant. The practical matter crystalizes here: is what we are doing killing us? Do our habits, actions, diets, and thinking risk destroying our individual bodies, our intellectual legacies, and the planet that acts as the only womb for our ongoing development?

Every thinking, culture, civilization can agree here. This is the only ethical question, that which starts with self-concern and extends into everything else that can be important to the individual, which will always prove to be EVERYTHING. It isn’t about what you value, but that value can only be created so long as we continue to exist long enough to actualize our species, so ask yourself this right now: “is what I’m doing tipping the scale towards our ascension, or our oblivion?”