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It’s not a question of what’s natural or synthetic

It’s not a question of what’s natural or synthetic. It isn’t the matter of if DNA is an antenna to higher consciousness or a selfish gene that we serve blindly. Whether we change the globe or leave it as we found it is quite unimportant. The practical matter crystalizes here: is what we are doing killing us? Do our habits, actions, diets, and thinking risk destroying our individual bodies, our intellectual legacies, and the planet that acts as the only womb for our ongoing development?

Every thinking, culture, civilization can agree here. This is the only ethical question, that which starts with self-concern and extends into everything else that can be important to the individual, which will always prove to be EVERYTHING. It isn’t about what you value, but that value can only be created so long as we continue to exist long enough to actualize our species, so ask yourself this right now: “is what I’m doing tipping the scale towards our ascension, or our oblivion?”

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Plant Seeds

Plant seeds, all day, every day. Put something valuable into someone or something, nurture it, harvest it. Invest wisely! Don’t lay seeds on bare stone. Don’t neglect to water the sprouts. Plant seeds forever. Create a garden of life and you will know an existence in which man was never cast from Eden. Invest in your work. Invest in your friends. Invest in your family. Invest in yourself. Invest in yourself, damn it! Plant your value everywhere and even in your final days the reaper won’t be grim.

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The “Other”

The “Other” is this nebulous whisper, an amorphous anonymous, and is in our minds always strange, odd, and wrong. Learn to associate the “other” with the reality of a conscious and perceiving individual or set of individuals. The failure to see that “other” has a perspective and a validation for the same is the cause of so much wrong thinking. Remove your false biases and don’t spend precious energy that could be solving problems identifying problems that aren’t there, like the idea that the “other” is some moronic dimwit that must be educated to some higher universal truth.

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Breadth is Power, but Depth is Potency

I remember having a great talk with my Shoshin Ryu Sensei about how I’ve gone through so many martial arts. At the time I told him that I’m not trying to master the art as much as take a journey in myself that has a lot of turns. I still stand by that, but I’d like to support the other side a bit.

There is only so much time in life, but that can be increased exponentially through focus. In truly diving deep into an area of expertise there is an ever increasing return. Precision, excellence, and mastery can’t be gained accidentally or waywardly. You must drive through to a single point, consciously and deliberately. Anything else is drifting.

Whether your journey is into the depths of the self, towards mastery or success, or towards some knowledge, it has to be focused, discerning, and driven to a single point. Breadth is power, but depth is potency! Don’t forget.

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We’re all dying because everything kills us

We are all dying. Everything kills us. Technology kills us. Nature kills us. GMOs kill us. Raw foods kill us. Rainbows have a band of ultraviolet light, therefore cause cancer. HOWEVER…

It is only through our values life can have meaning. This isn’t my opinion, this is the very definition of “meaning.” That being said, living to your values also means to choose to be killed by the same. That’s what it means to “give your life to something.”

If you support social change, allow society’s resistance to slowly kill you. If you work towards feeding the world, then be consumed by hunger. If you are an entrepreneur, business will beat you down and just let it happen. And if your cause is longevity, you will see hours pass away as you play the game of life safely in a bubble.

We are all dying. But what’s beautiful is that though we don’t get to choose how, but we get to choose why. Choose why.

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Don’t spend money on anything that doesn’t make money.
Don’t spend time anything that doesn’t save you time.
Don’t give your all for people that don’t give their all for people.
Don’t eat food that won’t make you better.
Don’t read things that won’t make you smarter.
Don’t even move your body in ways that don’t help your body move better.
Invest in yourself every day.