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Love is God

A god that needs my defense has lost my belief, while I will advocate the Devil and not abdicate my seat so long as I strike at his head and he at my feet.

A saint is one who can fight for rectitude, disdain the sin, and still accept the two.

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Testimony carried on a woman’s voice rejoiced. She became a Christian when her fiance proposed, for which she prayed of him. And now with praise for Him she swears to her God by love’s own seal that He is real.

Sooner would I swear on the waning moon than would I on waxing love, for the former will remain and loom, while the action of the latter’s not the same at noon as it is at one.

Love is always certain and often wrong and while the lover is lost in song love becomes lust and longs to feel in touch what’s turned to dust but was once was felt within like gust in lungs.

Your paramour was not the one. And if not then your proof you’ve got is gone. For gods are like the faithful, many are called, and you choose but one. Even false gods seem graceful, shining like gold under a ruthless sun and later are culled by the truth and shunned.

Your paradigm was not the one. And if not then the ruse of God is done.

Or is it only just begun?

If there is no soul mate? Would it sow hate if there’s no fate and it’s all for show sake? Does that diminish love or the lover?

I think that love remains enough. Love does not need a name. It feels the same whether it heals or reveals a pain. The force of falling fills the veins with a coursing rush of will that isn’t ever all in vain.

Love does not exist for the lover. The lover exists for love.

Love empowers our lover. Our lover is the one. Our lover is the only. Our lover rules our heart. Our lover commands us. Our lover can do no wrong. Our lover is always with us. Our lover is worth defending. Our lover is better than your lover. Our lover is a lot more like God than God.

What is it we fall in at all with our gods that powers God? If lovers are only lovers though love, does falling into it place God above?

The woman was wrong. Her love did not prove God. Her God proved love.

Love does not need my defense. Love can be sensed and perceived. Love earns its belief.

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    4 years ago

    Very good.