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Response to a GIF prompt from Danny


I need a minor second of your time
Because if we don’t have harmony,
You’re no friend of mine
Because me and my friends align
At least three quarters of the time
So we ought to be just fine.
It is instrumental
If we couldn’t be in a band together
We certainly couldn’t stand together
How did we even land together?
Must have been we were fans together
Maybe then we should make plans together
Because if you rock with me at the concert
Throw the horns up like we’re rams together
You and I can be just fine
Like we’re touring in the van together
My friendship is like rock stardom
It looks real good until you have it
It looks like glamour but it’s havoc
If you can survive it I’ll be your groupie
And we could make it through anything
We both give zero damns together
I don’t care what your beef is
Cause I don’t want to butt heads
What’s said is much less than the music
I don’t want to hear it if it isn’t a lyric
So let’s do what’s best for us
Be the hook on my chorus
Write the words like a thesaurus
And while you’re at it
Look up another word for “bestie”
And find your name there.