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You’ll get it in the end

Response to a GIF prompt from Lucky

Everyone’s ex is crazy
Including your ex’s ex.
And maybe your next.
She has received harsh names
But Karma is nothing but elegant
With a fierceness you could call regal
Karma is a stern and kind maternal
Who’s patience bleeds through
Whether she is taking or giving.

Karma fights my battles
With violence like silent poison
The judgment of the hunting hawk
Confident, she denies validation
She needs no believers
No congregation
Neither can you pray for her favor.

Karma weighs and measures
But she is not justice
She just is.
She is not the package
But only the postage.

I see you
Karma sees you, too
When your package arrives
The kind get kindness and the cruel, cruelty
Consider the name you’d offer Karma
Is your own

Because she only gives you what is yours
And you’ll get what’s coming to you
In the end.