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A Toast

Response to a GIF prompt by Jackie


At an after party and I’m mingling around
Kareoke contest women all singing aloud
Ain’t nobody knowing what a single thing’s about
Barely even spit a word of English from my mouth
Potables are potent and they’ve been since seven shots ago
State inebriated, call my Uber, I have got to go
Tapping on my shoulder, I look over and I nod the host
Called to be a speaker, it’s the spotlight I’m about to toast
Climbed a straight ladder
Just to place my mind over my grey matter
Stay scatter brained prattle lines lame chatter
“Cheers!” Look away, glass of champagne shattered
People gather rather fast. Faces worried
Safe enough to say that I was celebrating early
Pedastel descending like an elevator, surely
Always make a scene. Actors, places! Hurry!