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Mote of Dust

Cosmic existential woes
Pour with the torrential flow
Venture toward the center
And I enter elemental glow

Space and time are bent and go
Ancient lights are sent to show
Lost potential all eventual
Tell me what I’m meant to know

Quintessential densities
Pull me toward my destiny
All intentions ever mentioned
Now I know what’s meant to be

Insubstantial entities
Man and his amenities
Was lent plenty, still all empty
Lost in the immensity

Earth and all her citizens
Measure insignificance
Meaning mythic, monolithic
Crumbling is imminent

Extinct over six events
Infinitesimal incidents
Every epoch is specific
Lacking in magnificence

Innocent antipathy
From the cosmic symphony
Ever vast an epitaph
Floating in infinity

Written in a litany
Author anonymity
All that’s past prologues last
This is my epiphany