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Bathe in Night-Sun

Response to a GIF prompt from Michael

The sleepy sun releases her grip from
Where she hangs in the sky
Floating slowly and gently to the ground
Like a child-blown bubble
Made of match flame and filled with joyful breath
She settles on the horizon, softly pops
Flooding open roads
And overflows into the city streets
Her golden glow quickens into life
And ignites each building
In the chilly heat of the Burning Bush
The vault opens into blackness
Celestial wheels turn and push
Swinging open heaven’s gates
Starlight peaks down into the illumined roads
Struggling to compete, breaching sky
To dissolve on asphalt
Like autumn snowflakes
The town sparkles and citizens dance in the bath of night-sun
Keeping twilight at bay as they
Lengthen the day carrying torches of solar shards
And celebrate the melting of daylight