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Where there’s smoke

Response to a GIF prompt from Lara

It can take less than a minute for a fire to take your life
As it swallows the oxygen from the air around you
When you are near me
Is this how you take my breath away?
Why I lie in unconscious shock
As your tongue like flame laps at my skin?
Are you merely too hot for my senses
That you burn away my nerve
To escape what I know could be agonizing?
I said
It took less than a minute for you to take my life
Or did I offer it to you?
I’m choked up,
Clean fires burn without smoke
So I am grateful our passion is impure
Because I am the smoke to your blaze
I cannot exist without you, it feels
It’s been too long now
We’re like an ever burning coal mine
Want you to be the one I call mine
And if you left me to smolder
I would cling to the last ember I remember
Until I grew cold and died
But where there’s smoke there’s you
So you are never far from my billowing step
Or my pillow; we slept only an hour that night
But it felt like the light and warmth of day
Or a twilight bonfire
Or my heart combusting
It makes me want to stop, drop, and propose
Ashes to ashes
dust to dust
Til death do us part