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Bitch, I am Fabulous

Response to a GIF prompt from Angela

Bitch, I am fabulous
You may need to call an ambulance for the awesomeness avalanche.
It would be to your advantage to advance with caution
Because each portion of my power quotient is potent.

Bitch, I am fabulous
In a way that is anomalous, manifest miraculous is actually accurate.
Academic rhetoric couldn’t get it, culture can’t tell of it, my elegance,
Science couldn’t identify the relevant elements.

Bitch, I am fabulous
And if you harbor any animus that is absolutely scandalous.
A damn shame that you simply can’t handle it. Analysts value this fab as valorous.
In other words, it’s not undeserved, I don’t underserve.

Bitch, I am fabulous
To a depth that is fathomless, only understood analogous to energy that
An atom of matter is packing times a constant of C, squared. See here,
I just want this to be clear, my fantastic vantage is three-tiered.

Bitch, I am fabulous
Pythagoras’s abacus couldn’t calculate my accolades. I’m better than A-plus.
I’m at an academic grade that the alphabet betrayed.
I’m infinitely paid the graces of the day.

Bitch, I am fabulous
You may even feel amorous with ravenous avarice. If you had a wish,
You might admit and invite a kiss, so in light of this
The insight is I’m a heartbreaker, you might cry a bit.

Bitch, I am fabulous
Which I state with a garrulous adamance. Not arrogant, I speak with evidence.
Any steady sense is well convinced by my look and charm and eminence.
That my winning friends is always imminent.

Bitch, I am so fabulous
My existence is a catalyst for prayer like the angelus in vigils candle-lit.
Like Helen of Troy or Heaven or Never-never-land who could ever stand to deny?
That I
Am So