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Office Gossip

Response to a GIF prompt by Sparks

Here comes Greg.
Heard his wife left him? Yep. Just over the weekend.
It went over the deep end. Yeah, on Monday,
He went all to shit and called in sick.
It’s a shame, too. Look at him. He won’t find nobody else
He’s got shoddy health, his body dealt him a few blows.
Not like his wife, though.
She left him a Dear John letter and –
Hey, Greg, how about this weather?
What’s good? Did you watch that game? What a comeback, right?
You can’t keep a good winner down. Yep. Catch ya’ later!

Poor Greg.
Hard worker, too. Yeah, not like Jerry.
He’s very…? Lazy’s not the word. Yes, worthless.
No work ethic. Works less than the maintenance guy.
Speaking of, you know he slept with Greg’s wife?

We all come here to earn our bread
But really, it’s a rumor mill instead
Grinding grains of truth into flowery
Half baked stories, assuring
That everyone knows more about you
Than you do about yourself.

Hey, what’s going on with Jane?
She hasn’t been the same lately
Cocaine maybe?
I blame Stacy. Since those two became friends
She’s been insane daily

We air our stink when we shoot the shit
To be a fly on the wall
Would be to hear us swat at your shadow
We’re simply
No secret is safe from sharing
If they are secrets worth hearing
Speaking of…

Remember the Christmas party
And how the boss introduced his daughter
Yeah, well, we kinda got to talking
While the boss was outside smoking
I met with her the week after the party
To help her move a mattress into her new apartment
And let’s just say
We took it for a test drive
Hahaha, wait I got a message from my wife
Cool, picking up parmesan tonight
Okay, anyway best lay of my life
Secret’s safe with you, right?

Or when my back is turned
Will I be the last to learn
That gossip gushes down
All tributaries
You can attribute any collapse
Of social integrity
To whispers in hushed rooms
And negative narratives behind closed doors

Because those who live in glass houses
Should throw no stones
Or better yet, let’s build stone homes
That provide shade that we don’t throw
And we don’t say what we don’t know
And what we do know we don’t share
And if it’s being said, we don’t care
If you have anything positive to tell me
Trust, I’m all ears.