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two bird

We sing similar
Peaks and pitch of such likeness
As to seem equal in audience of an Audobon auditor
The two of us each early share the same worm
We soar across identical paths
Both bore by Boreas
The wind which renders our wings weightless
Our wings
Beautiful wings
Covered in pretty plumage
Of radiant color and pattern
Iridescent black and bold blues
Extending from dapper dactyls
Yes you and I
Dichotomously distinct
Yet different
Special even in our species
Yes, you and I
Even you and I
Are not the same
What we share in genus we differ in genesis
We hatched from the same nest
Yet emerged from different eggs
Which is why now I come to roost
In the same tree
But a different branch
You and I so alike
But our duplications are duplicitous
Indubitably inimitable
I am not you
Nor you I
No matter where you fly
My flap is mine own
And though
Together we flock
Whether or not
The weather is fine
My feather is mine
And will never be thine