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Define Done

My professional tip is this. If you have a project, draw a finish line. Do it almost anywhere. A guideline, list, or something that says very clearly what “done” is. Done is not just when you’re satisfied. Done is when you can pass the project off to someone else and you don’t have to touch it again. This can be for a meal, a drawing, a business, a poem, a website, or your laundry.

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We’re all dying because everything kills us

We are all dying. Everything kills us. Technology kills us. Nature kills us. GMOs kill us. Raw foods kill us. Rainbows have a band of ultraviolet light, therefore cause cancer. HOWEVER…

It is only through our values life can have meaning. This isn’t my opinion, this is the very definition of “meaning.” That being said, living to your values also means to choose to be killed by the same. That’s what it means to “give your life to something.”

If you support social change, allow society’s resistance to slowly kill you. If you work towards feeding the world, then be consumed by hunger. If you are an entrepreneur, business will beat you down and just let it happen. And if your cause is longevity, you will see hours pass away as you play the game of life safely in a bubble.

We are all dying. But what’s beautiful is that though we don’t get to choose how, but we get to choose why. Choose why.